Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

Emergency Repair    February 14,2013

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to Gil Anderson of ANDERSON HEATING & COOLING CO. LLC.  Mr. Anderson came through for me when everyone that I relied upon dropped the ball.

My home on the OBX has been in a rental program since 1996 and this past season was the most challenging of all due to the fact that the company that installed and maintained my air conditioning equipment was so incompetent that my guests demanded a full refund.

To make matters worse I was being told that the service technicians could not affect a repair and that an entire new system would have to be installed.   How could this be happening to me?  I had a manufacturers extended service warranty on all my equipment and a maintenance contract with the service company, who incidentally had just certified the system at the start of the season.

Having already lost thousands of dollars in rentals and the potential to lose thousands more; not to mention the cost of the new equipment, I definitely needed another opinion.  Not being able to get another company to respond in a timely manner I was ready to put the for sale sign out.

My nightmare finally ended when Anderson Heating and Cooling was recommended to me.  I explained my dilemma to Mr. Anderson and although he and all of his technicians were out on service calls he assured me that he would respond to my home as soon as possible.  Not only did he keep his word and respond on the same day, he corrected the problem within two hours, with a part that cost less than one hundred dollars.

Thank you Mr. Anderson for preserving the reputation of my rental home and for ensuring that my loyal guests were comfortable for the remainder of the season.


Stanley J Zietek

President, JAD Realty Corp

A/C Replacement    April 18, 2014

Dear Gil,

Thank you for all you did to replace our a/c unit so quickly for us.  It was greatly appreciated and I hope Friday went as smoothly as possible.  Also, thank you for registering the unit with Bryant.

Hopefully, there will be no issues with the other unit and we will contact you once we are in a position to move forward.  I realize now there are a lot of obstacles as the house is rented but, perhaps, we will be able to take care of it in August when we are there.

Thank you for everything!



Southern Shores Complete Re-Outfit    October 15, 2014

We were very impressed with the services we received.  Anderson Heating & Cooling exceeded our expectations.

We recently purchased a home in Southern Shores and just after a year of living here full time, our heat and air completely failed.  It was time to upgrade the house.

We researched companies that operate on and off the OBX.  After calling several companies, scheduling and getting multiple estimates for the new system, we chose Anderson Heating & Cooling.  Here is why.

They were professional throughout the entire process.  Gil Anderson, Owner, was simply awesome.  He explained the process very simply and answered all of our questions with detailed easy to follow answers.  His was the only company that took the time to talk with us on our HVAC special needs while providing excellent advice.

His team showed up on time and completed the job in one day.  We were amazed.  This included removing the inside and outside units and installing the new inside and outside units. The outside unit was moved to a new location which required a new power access.  All of the work was done perfectly.

Our new system has been working well since the install.  We have noticed a drop in our electricity bill now that we have up to date energy efficient equipment.

We would highly recommend Anderson Heating & Cooling to anyone who is looking to upgrade or replace their current HVAC system.


Ash Family