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When Do I Know It’s Time to Buy a New Furnace?

March 30, 2023
Cold Furnace

If you’re struggling with the question of whether or not to buy a new furnace in Kitty Hawk, our professionals are here to help. Our Anderson Heating & Cooling team has years of experience with a wide selection of furnace makes and models. Here are some warning signs it may be time to start saving for a new furnace.

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What Are Furnace Filters?

December 7, 2022
A furnace filter. What Are Furnace Filters?

Our experienced team are always on hand to answer any filter questions you may have as well as to replace or clean your air filter for you.

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How Can I Save Money on My Heating Bill This Winter?

January 21, 2022
Save Money

Is your energy bill too high in the winter? Are you looking for ways to cut costs? There are a number of simple things you can do at home to save money. Some of them are bigger projects, but most are simple things you can do in your day-to-day life to help reduce your heat cost this winter. At Anderson Heating & Cooling, we want to help you achieve the highest comfort in your Point Harbor home at an affordable price.

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